Floral + Event Design
in Morristown, NJ

Colly Flowers is a boutique floral design company known for our understated sophistication. With a mission to make each day a little more marvelous, we are here for you on the most mundane of Mondays and during your greatest celebrations.

We mentioned our understated approach -- and it goes beyond how we style our flowers. In an effort to bring more beautiful bouquets to more people, we offer both online ordering and the in-store experience.

Owner and Designer, Kori Gervasio, has Garden State roots and was born a fearless creative. Nostalgia, bohemian flair, texture, unexpectedness, and unapologetic authenticity are among what inspires her most. And the belief that nothing embodies the boldness and beauty of life quite like flowers do.


Every flower is picked with the intent to bring a little more wonder into each day. Selection is a thoughtful process. We provide our clients with the most special, interesting, and beautiful options each week.

We are passionate about making our flowers more accessible to people. That’s why we offer options like online ordering, free delivery within town, and the in-store blossom bar where you can purchase per stem.

Everyday, we make things fresh and darling, which means no two bouquets are identical. Each creation is completely unique to you.

A passionate advocate for marriage equality, we delight in opportunities to create for all couples.

While we work with nature's most delicate and beautiful, sometimes it can be unpredictable. Still, we want our clients to know that the quality and aesthetic will never be compromised.

We are built on relationships. The success of our business is founded on trusted and loved relationships with the best farmers, vendors, distributors, and clients around.



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