Holiday Floral Installation at The Shop

i have a really hard time with the fall to winter transition and an even harder time when the week-long stints of grey gloomy skies become the norm. i see lots of people walk by my window every day and it seems like i'm not the only one feeling this way.  i thought it would be fun to add some life to the the colly flowers/artist baker facade in the form of a floral installation.  i decided i would create my installation during the evening on the weekend before christmas and hanukkah so the next morning it would appear as if some flower loving elves had pulled an all nighter. i fell in love with the idea of people walking their everyday route to work and seeing something completely out of the ordinary. 

i sent out my wishes to the weather gods that it would please be a mild week. i hoped to have a fair amount of options for materials since i thought that evergreens would be a total bore. but...i guess they didn't hear me :( . the forecast predicted that the temperatures would be well below freezing all week. 

i tested out some other foliage (oh and by 'test' i mean there was a lazy incident of me leaving some leftover italian ruscus outside my house for a week or so after a job) and was happy to find out that it performed spectacularly in those conditions! i created a base using curly willow and layered on the italian ruscus which created beautiful movement. i also used pepper berry, cotton branches, dusty miller and grevillea (the only thing that was none-too-pleased about the cold weather). 

i was very happy with the outcome. it was striking yet somehow looked like it had been growing there for years. people really embraced it and i had to hold back tears of excitement every time someone knocked on my window with a big smile and thumbs up. no, i'm lying. i ran in the back room and cried a bunch of times.

all half-assed photos are my own