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Delivery Policies

Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority so we'd like to clearly state our policies in order to create proper expectation.


Delivery is available Tuesday-Saturday only. Deliveries are made between 3:30pm-7:00pm unless otherwise requested by the customer and confirmed by a colly flowers associate. Please specify if the delivery is being made to a business that has specific operating hours.

Hospital Delivery

Please be sure that your loved one is able to receive flowers prior to placing your order for hospital delivery. If the hospital rejects the delivery because the patient is unable to receive flowers, colly flowers will not provide a refund to the purchaser. 

Recipient Not Home

If the recipient is not home, colly flowers reserves the right to leave floral arrangements in a secure location near the door and will contact the recipient to alert them of the attempted delivery. We will not leave flowers outside if we deem the weather to be compromising of quality.

Recipient Communication

To keep delivery fees low, colly flowers will not contact the recipient to prearrange a delivery time unless we deem it necessary. During certain weather conditions where we are unable to leave floral arrangements outdoors, colly flowers will contact the recipient. colly flowers is not responsible for delays due to the purchaser providing inaccurate recipient address and/or contact information.  In this case, we will contact the purchaser. The purchaser may obtain new information so that the order can then be properly delivered using correct information, but may be asked to pay an additional delivery fee if an attempt has already been made. 


If a delivery is made, and there is any question as to the quality of the flowers, the recipient should contact colly flowers to discuss the matter. Claims must be made within 24 hours of delivery. No refunds or replacements will be made after this period. Nor will refunds or replacements be made based on improper plant or flower care on the part of the recipient.

Rejected Delivery

Because of the pre made nature of our services, if you place an order and the recipient rejects delivery, whatever the reason, colly flowers will not provide a refund and cannot be held liable for the recipient’s decision.